A Conversation

Here’s a video I made on Xtranormal’s Movie Maker:

And, since Xtranormal can sometimes be hard to follow, here’s the script:

John: Welcome to the day the Lord hath made, Brother David

David: Let us rejoice and be glad in it, Brother John

David: God is good, all the time ! 

John: All the time, God is good!

John: How is your walk with the Lord, brother?

John: Well, lately I’ve been feeding on the word and, praise Jesus, it’s wonderful!

David:  Amen, brother.  There’s no better way to defeat the wisdom of the world.

John: So, what is God doing in your life these days?

David: I’m receiving new blessings each day.  I’m getting married!

John: Praise God!  Are you equally yoked?

David: Yes, brother.  I planted a seed and God brought it to fruition.

John: Praise the Lord!

David: So, how is God growing you, John?

John: Right now, I’m in pattern of discernment over God’s plan for me.

David: Let go and let God, brother.  He is in control.

John: Amen, if He brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it.

David: Amen, just put it in the Lord’s hands and it’ll all work out.

John: Also, we’re leaving on a mission trip, so traveling mercies please.

David: Absolutely.  Are you going to share your testimony with the unsaved?

John: Yes, brother, I’m under conviction to witness to everyone.

David: Winning the lost is the Lord’s work.

John: Well, I’m off to bible study.  Have to prepare for prepare for all that soul-winning.

David: Amen, brother.  Peace be with you.

John: And, also with you.  Have a blessed day.

David: Yes, have a blessed day.

Inspired by people I know and love.  And, Don Miller.  Also, thanks to Bryan Allain for showing me Xtranormal with his “The Truth About…” videos.  Watch them, they’re very funny.