An Open Letter to my Conservative Brothers and Sisters about Tolerance

Lately, you  guys have given the word “tolerance”  a strange, new meaning. You seem to think that if your behavior has crossed the  line and become hateful, mean-spirited, discriminatory, bigoted etc, and I point that out, I’m being intolerant myself. I’ve been wondering where you got this idea. I haven’t had much success so, as usual, I decided to […]

It’s Past Time

Well, we’ve had another mass shooting incident and we’re right back where we were after the attack at Gabrielle Giffords campaign rally. Back then, we were in the same place we were after the Fort Hood shootings. Before that, it was Virginia Tech. The arguments are always the same: the left screams for more gun […]

Silence is NOT Golden

I read once that a person’s intelligence varied directly with how often they agreed with you. If that’s the case, in this instance, Dan Savage is a freakin’ genius. I have long felt those of us who feel loving our neighbors is more important than judging our neighbor’s behavior have dropped the ball by not […]