Is the Church Failing Young People? Pt V

Bringing Sexy Back? Not Hardlyse Today, we’re talking about sex. Yay! No, not like that. What I mean is, according to the Barna study young people’s religious experiences relating to sex seem simplistic and judgmental to them. I can understand that, as I think the church’s view on sexuality is simplistic and judgmental. I don’t […]

Is the Church Failing Young People? PtIV

Science vs Religion Today, we talk about the idea that churches are antagonistic to science. Now, the Barna study actually says that “churches come across as antagonistic to science”. I italicized “come across” because I think they’re weasel words. Let’s face it, churches are antagonistic to science. Not all churches, of course, but many of […]

They’re Leaving in Droves

Last month, the Barna Group published a study titled You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving Church and Rethinking Church.   Researchers learned that there wasn’t one particular reason young people fall away from the faith.  Instead, they found a variety of themes, with 6 standing out in particular.  Here they are, followed by a little analysis […]