The New Jim Crow? Pt II

Just when I thought conservative Christians couldn’t treat lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender folks any worse, they actually found a way. Since denying them the right of marriage wasn’t enough to force those perverts back into the closet where we could pretend they didn’t exist,  several states are working on laws that legalize discrimination against LGBT […]

Bless Your Heart

Things are going straight to hell these days. The picture you see to the left is graffiti painted on a Chik-fil-a. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with that? I know what they’ve done and I don’t eat there anymore, but that’s as far as I’m willing to take it. Painting “Don’t […]

We Do

Usually, when I hear the phrase “gay agenda”, it makes my skin crawl.  Not because I have a problem with gay people; actually, just the opposite. I have a problem with the people who are always droning on about “the gays” and their “agenda”.  Yesterday, though, was different.  On his Facebook page, Chad Holtz posted a link […]

Keeping Occupied

Saying that the Occupy Wall Street protests have been in the news lately is like saying Napoleon had a little setback at Waterloo; it’s true, but doesn’t even begin to tell the story.  Almost everyone has an opinion on this phenomenon and those opinions seem to depend on your political views.  Most of my conservative friends (the vocal ones, anyway) think […]

Fred Who?

Wednesday, Steve Jobs and Fred Shuttlesworth both passed away.  More than once, I’ve seen people say how Jobs made the world a better place.  I beg to differ, however.  At best, Jobs made this world easier and more enjoyable.  Fred Shuttlesworth, however, truly made the world a better place.  And, most of us have never heard […]