Inerrancy vs. Context Part III

Okay, I promise this is the last one of these. But, it was the only way to do such a meaty subject any justice. I put this last entry off till today so I could leisurely consider how to proceed. As usual, I spent maybe 5 minutes the entire weekend thinking about it. A few days […]

Inerrancy vs. Context Part II

In my last post, I started a multi-part series about biblical interpretation with an article on inerrancy. One of the problems with inerrancy is that it engenders a literal reading of the Bible. This is a problem because you shouldn’t look at an ancient document with modern eyes. Especially one that’s from a culture utterly foreign to your […]

Inerrancy v. Context Part I

An individual’s view of faith will depend on how they read the Bible. Do they believe that it’s totally without flaw and every word is literally true? Or do they see it as a document that must be understood and interpreted considering historical context, culture, language, etc.?  Because I believe much of the problems I see in Christianity come from, […]

It’s Cherry-pickin’ Time

My conservative brothers and sisters have been rather vociferous lately over what the Bible has to say about sexuality. To be honest, most of it has been quoted out of context. Cherry-picked, if you will. I’m sure you’ve heard that term before, it was all the rage back in early to mid-aughts to describe how the Bush Administration parsed intelligence leading up […]