It’s Advent (Sigh) Pt II

On Monday, I wrote about my problems with Advent. After a rather snarky start, I said Advent was hard for me, in part, because of the words associated with it: hope, peace, joy and love. At the end, I said that I would take a word a week and write about my problems with it. To […]

Can You Be a Christian and a Curmudgeon?

Yesterday, I was doing my bit at Love Wins when the subject of Hugh’s grouchiness came up. I informed everyone that Hugh wasn’t a grouch, he was a curmudgeon. The resulting conversation reminded me of this post I wrote a few months back.   The question “Can you be a Christian and _____” gets asked […]

Tell Me Again How You’re Saving Marriage?

The primary election this year is a novelty for North   Carolina. I don’t remember the last time one made a dime’s worth of difference on the state and national level. That’s changed with the inclusion of Amendment One this time around. For those of you who may be a little out of touch with the Tarheel […]