Southerners Can’t Resist A Lost Cause

As the same-sex marriage juggernaut rolls along (26 state constitutional amendments/laws struck down since the 2013 DOMA ruling), several states have made efforts to hold it off, usually by invoking states rights. Some have been half-hearted attempts designed to placate social conservatives, while others have been a little more strenuous. But, none have been as […]

It Could Be Worse

This week, Diana and I are at the beach for the annual¬†family vacation. I had every intention of recycling some older stuff and not spending so much time on my computer. Then, BAM! All hell broke loose. Paula Deen gets fried in the media, things get crazy in the Texas Senate and the Supreme Court […]

All Things Being Equal

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case about California’s Proposition 8. Today, the federal Defense of Marriage Act is on the docket. Now, any long-time reader of this blog knows where I stand on this issue; God knows, I’ve written enough about it. I write about yet again because we stand at a […]

Silence is NOT Golden

I read once that a person’s intelligence varied directly with how often they agreed with you. If that’s the case, in this instance, Dan Savage is a freakin’ genius. I have long felt those of us who feel loving our neighbors is more important than judging our neighbor’s behavior have dropped the ball by not […]