No One Leaves Home…

3:30 in the morning is entirely too damn early to get up, even if you only have to pee. When that’s the case, you can stagger to the bathroom and handle your business without turning on any lights or anything else that will wake you up enough to prevent going back to sleep. Getting up […]

I Bought a House!

New posts here at The Progressive Redneck have been rather spotty as of late and I want to begin with an apology to my 3-4 regular readers. Sorry about that, but I haven’t been posting much because I was moving. And, if you think that’s not an excuse, you’ve obviously never moved. A couple of weeks […]

Cupcakes and World Views

Recently, a friend tweeted “I thought it was about cupcake recipes, but it turns out that The Cupcake Bible is a Bible with a cupcake on the cover.” To which, I replied “Well, that’s disappointing. If it’s not recipes, you’d think they’d at least include some cupcake-related commentary.” After I shared that, I began to […]

Support The Troops!

There are a multitude of graphics online that, one way or another, urge everyone to “Support the troops”. I’m wondering where this is coming from because, from what I can see, except for a few repugnant trolls out there, most everyone does support the troops. What some of us don’t support is the way the […]