Linda Harvey Can’t Find Anywhere To Shop

You may not know this, but being a homophobic asshole is not without its pitfalls. Don’t think so? Just ask anti-LGBT activist Linda Harvey. PinkNews reports that Ms. Harvey is having a hard time finding places to shop because almost no major businesses oppose LGBTQ equality anymore. Or, in Linda’s words: “For any Christian who wants […]

Franklin Graham Is A Knob

I hate to say it and I know it’s not very nice, but what else can you call someone whose organization is running a campaign to raise funds for maternal and child healthcare, but simultaneously gets his nose out of joint because a Wells Fargo commercial featuring two lesbian moms who want to adopt a […]

The Cure For AIDS?

Okay, so there’s this preacher in Tempe, Arizona named Steven Anderson who has a habit of saying controversial things. And, by “controversial”, I mean “really douchey crap calculated to draw attention”. He first came to my attention a few years back, when he went on record saying he was praying for President Obama’s death. Since […]

End of the Game?

Quite a few years ago, I read “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card. It’s the story of a young boy (6 years old at the beginning) who was part of a program to breed commanders for Earth’s wars against against the Formics, an alien race with an insect-like appearance and a hive mind. Bullied by […]

Hollywood Blondes

The first real, out-in-the-world job I ever had was loading trucks at the local Coca-Cola bottling plant the summer I turned 16. Oh, I’d had jobs before that, working for a local tobacco farmer (from which I learned I had no desire to be a farmer), cutting grass for people in my neighborhood and other […]

What Are You So Afraid Of?

With all the uproar over marriage equality lately, one thing has become abundantly clear: some conservative Christians are blatantly homophobic. I know many of you are thinking “Wow, what a news flash. We’ve known that for years.” True, we have known this for a long time; it’s just that now is they’ve quit trying to hide it. Why […]


Friday, I commented on Shane Raynor’s blog post titled My Issue with  Jane Velez-Mitchell.  It’s about an article on CNN’s website by Jane Velez-Mitchell, who had written about an interview she conducted with Nate Phelps, estranged son of Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church.  In the article, Ms. Velez-Mitchell says “What does homophobia look like when it’s stripped […]