You May Be Missing the Point of the Sheetcaking Bit

To say that the last 9 days have been a little crazy is an understatement on the order of calling the BP oil spill an “oopsie”. I’m not going into all that’s happened, we’re all aware. If you don’t know, you must be living under a rock. Get the fuck out and google some shit. […]

Glass Houses

So far, it’s been one of those days. Not in a bad way, though; my snark-o-meter has been going babies (that’s an Adventure Time reference for all you hopeless squares). It’s always a good day when that happens. As usual, I began my writing process with some procrastinating surfing morning reflection. Just a few minutes in, I […]

They’re On To Us!

  Over the weekend, a Facebook friend shared an article from the Tea Party News Network (a true bastion of journalistic integrity) titled How the Liberal, Progressive Infestation of the Church Threatens America’s Future by Chelsen Vicari. As I read, I thought, “This has got to be satire.” A little research showed me that it’s not. At that […]

The Poors

Now and then, I’ll come across something that just sets my teeth on edge. It happened today when I read a Facebook status that related some cockamamie story about a woman who, as a teen, volunteered at a food pantry. At the time, there was a frequent flyer who came in and got food while […]

Merry CHRIST-mas

What with the War on Christmas and all, it is crucial that you let everyone know you’re a true Christian. Heck that’s tough on a regular day; doing so while celebrating the birth of our LordSaviorJesusChrist adds a whole new dimension of difficulty; standing out from the crowd of heathens who pretend to be Christians by celebrating […]

A Very Low Bar

So, Pope Francis has spoken and, once again, progressive Christians have swooned over how forward thinking he is. An article from LiberalAmerica on his latest interview gushes “…this new Pope reveals refreshingly candid, humble, and open-minded views on many subjects.” Everything Francis has said falls into the moderate category at best, so why are we […]

Being a Prophet Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Even if you’re a self-appointed one, like myself, you’re not going to be popular. That’s because being a prophet means saying things that people don’t want to hear. Most of the time, I avoid this by talking about people who will never read this blog; people who, if they knew me, would probably consider me a […]

Bless Your Heart

Things are going straight to hell these days. The picture you see to the left is graffiti painted on a Chik-fil-a. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with that? I know what they’ve done and I don’t eat there anymore, but that’s as far as I’m willing to take it. Painting “Don’t […]


Once again, a conservative, Republican politician has been outed as gay. Last week, the Phoenix New Times reported that Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff Paul Babeu had an affair with a Hispanic man identified only as “Jose”. According to Jose, he and Sheriff Babeu had been romantically involved for several years and, after the relationship ended, Jose claims that Babeu threatened him with deportation if […]