The Biblical And Moral Case For Trump?

Like a lot of folks this election season, evangelicals are struggling with the “lesser of two evils” argument. Interestingly, many of them are reacting the same way as progressives: contemplating either a third-party vote or not voting at all. Today, I want to address a couple of  articles advising evangelical and fundamentalist Christians on how […]

Why, That’s Just Crazy Talk

So, it appears that since the last mid-term elections, President Obama has subscribed to “No F@#ks Monthly” and his extremely low GASF was on full display Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast. In a speech before faith and political leaders, he called out Christians for throwing rocks at Islam because of it’s more violent practitioners: “Humanity has […]

The Unremembered Dead

Monday was Memorial Day and, as usual, we “honored” those who serve with patriotic flag-waving and nationalistic chest beating. And, as usual, we ignored those whose service has caused them nothing but pain. Last December, the Department of Defense reported that veterans were committing suicide at a rate of about one every 36 hours. Why is this […]

Monkeys Might Fly Out of My Butt

So, Congress finally quit fucking around playing politics and raised the debt ceiling.  That’s a good thing, because the country didn’t have to default on its obligations and the bills will continue to be paid.  But, the bill that Congress passed yesterday sucks about as hard as a piece of legislation can.  In this turd, we […]