What Am I Talking About Pt. II

In “A Changed Man” I said I wanted to make “this new/old way of looking at Christianity accessible to those that are struggling with “cognitive dissonance” so that they don’t have to go through all the crap I did to get here.” So, what am I talking about? Basically, progressive Christianity, the emerging church and […]

Transmitting the Faith

I have a confession to make: I am a man. Not only that, I am a white man. In the southern United States. Which means I’m part of a very privileged group. As such I’m probably the absolute last person that should say a single word about the brouhaha over Ms. Phyllis‘ words in Memphis […]

I Can’t Go Home Again?

At the conference/book promo I attended recently, Phyllis Tickle told those assembled that a desire to return to a pre-Constantine faith is a hallmark of Emergence Christianity. However, during his PechaKucha presentation, Barry Taylor said we will never be able to recapture pre-Constantine Christianity because we have no idea what it looked like. The first statement was […]

Is the Spirit Moving?

This past Friday and Saturday, I attended Emergence Christianity:A National Gathering with Phyllis Tickle and Friends in Memphis TN. For those unfamiliar with Ms Phyllis, she is an author, “recovering academic” (her words) and founding religion editor for Publishers Weekly. She has also written several books about emergence Christianity, most notably “The Great Emergence” and “Emergence […]