A Mystical Experience?

I have written more than once about my problems with the more mystical aspects of Christianity. Some of those issues spring from a mind that may be too analytical for my own good (questioning the virgin birth, miracles, speaking in tongues, etc.), but most of them are related to the absence of a “God” experience […]

Shut Up and Be My Friend

In the past couple of days, I’ve started reading a light-hearted little ditty titled¬†Cancer and Theology,¬†a collection of essays by different authors such as Tony Jones, Brian McLaren and Carol Howard Merritt. I’m less than halfway through and, while I like it, there’s a problem: it’s a rather impersonal. I suppose that’s only natural; while […]

In the Dark With a Friend

The phrase “God’s will” is used for a lot of things that I’m pretty sure don’t have anything to do with God or God’s will. For example, whenever someone has suffered a heart-breaking loss (say, of a loved one), in trying to comfort them, some well-meaning friend will say “It was God’s will.” I wonder […]