The Cure For AIDS?

Okay, so there’s this preacher in Tempe, Arizona named Steven Anderson who has a habit of saying controversial things. And, by “controversial”, I mean “really douchey crap calculated to draw attention”. He first came to my attention a few years back, when he went on record saying he was praying for President Obama’s death. Since […]

Sex and Violence

I know I said I wouldn’t watch anymore of The Bible, but it’s like a train wreck: I can’t not watch. As I indulged/afflicted myself with a few more minutes of this film (I use the term loosely), I noticed something. No, not that the dialogue was stilted, shallow and unnatural. And, not that all the main […]

The Bible and The History Channel

Last night, The History Channel premiered a new mini-series called The Bible. Being an eternal optimist, I had high hopes (okay, maybe not high ones, but hopes nonetheless) that this might be different that all the other works about Christianity and the Bible. Then, I found out that it was produced by television genius (?) Mark Burnett […]