Family Matters

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, mostly because I’ve been busy with school. Also, I’ve been writing for a friend’s site (The Betafiles. You should check it out.) But, I’ve come to realize I shouldn’t neglect my own little corner of the web, so I’m going to begin sharing the things I […]

The Bible

In “Seriously, But Not Literally“, I talked about how progressive Christians view the Bible. That view is at odds with more fundamental, conservative Christians who see the Bible as inerrant and even some more moderate ones who believe the Bible is infallible.  I’ve written about this several other times since I started this blog and […]

The Perks of Being a Man?

I’m not going to lie to you, I like being a man. We’ve got a lot going for us, you know. A lot of cool things are either named after us or have “man” in them somewhere: mankind, manhood, woman, human, see what I mean? And, because our we have outdoor plumbing, we don’t have nearly as much […]

Sex and Violence

I know I said I wouldn’t watch anymore of The Bible, but it’s like a train wreck: I can’t not watch. As I indulged/afflicted myself with a few more minutes of this film (I use the term loosely), I noticed something. No, not that the dialogue was stilted, shallow and unnatural. And, not that all the main […]

The Bible and The History Channel

Last night, The History Channel premiered a new mini-series called The Bible. Being an eternal optimist, I had high hopes (okay, maybe not high ones, but hopes nonetheless) that this might be different that all the other works about Christianity and the Bible. Then, I found out that it was produced by television genius (?) Mark Burnett […]