This is lifted from my original blog on another site (they pissed me off).  It’s still a good starting place.

As this is my first blog post, I want to lay out what I hope to accomplish here. I used to be good Methodist boy, but I left the UMC because I disagree with their ideas about love and marriage. I spend a good bit of time checking new and different theological ideas. Several years ago, through a friend, I was exposed to the NOOMA videos from According to their website “We are a group of people committed to giving everyone a fresh look at the teachings of Jesus”. Interesting, I thought, and began to dig a little more. The fellow doing the videos is Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church. I started looking into Brother Bell, finding that he was considered a part of the Emergent Church movement. Or, conversation as people involved prefer to call it. Whatever. I’d heard of this bunch, but never thought that much about it. But, in my research, I found that there was more than a bit of controversy about this stuff, mostly from those of a more fundamentalist bent. Not a being of fan of this viewpoint, I automatically liked Rob and the NOOMA vids that much more. I also began to look at the emerging church idea more. The more I looked, the more I liked. Someone once said that a person’s intelligence varied directly with how they agreed with you. If that’s the case, these emerging folks must geniuses, because they hit all the right points with me.

So, I’ve decided to take a theological journey. I have no idea where it’ll end up, outside of following Jesus’ footsteps and trying to live more like Him. Since I think better when I write it down, I’ll be posting my ideas, thoughts questions here. Besides, I’m just vain enough to believe someone else might care what I think.

  • doris shrewsbury blackwood

    Just keep seeking Jesus. HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE.

  • Me, too! I do my best work in writing! Usually!
    I am a Pedestrian- one who walks with God! That is my response when someone asks me what denomination I am. For me, religion gives the appearance of God but denies His power.
    I mean, no one will argue Jesus healed the lame. It only requires a mental agreement. Religion likes that! It requires no action or belief process! But when you say, By His Stripes you were healed, that requires belief, or faith in action, revealing the true nature and power of God!
    My friend was flat on her back 9 months from two failed surgeries, living with catheters, she wanted me to pray for her. I asked, What is the scripture you are standing on to believe for your healing? She had none… (no wonder she was still flat on a hospital bed!) Then she questionably mustered, “Jesus healed the lame?” I said, “Well, no one will argue that, but where are the fighting words in it for you? How about, By His stripes… ?” She agreed and I was able to add my agreement WITH HER to The Word and within weeks she miraculously started to walk, she is walking still! The Word works when applied to our lives in His Name! His Word does not return void to Him and it will not return void to us if we keep our fat opinions out of it! (a little leven spoils the whole lump) lol
    Since I am spewing on your blog, tell me, does my comment not line up with scripture?

  • Steve

    I know you’re probably a busy guy but I figured I’d give this a shot. I’ve always thought that an intelligent person that gave the idea of religion more than just blind faith would come to the same conclusion as myself – that the concept of some all powerful being creating the universe is far fetched at best, but still I can’t completely just dismiss the idea as I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know how the universe started. But, the idea of this same ‘god’ having anything at all to do with my day to day life is just pure hubris. This much is obvious just by watching the news on any given day.

    So, as someone who is a self-proclaimed ‘thinker’, how do you justify your beliefs in your own mind? Are you the typical Xtian who believes because they have faith because they believe (circular logic) or do you actually have an intelligent and logical reason that gives you cause to have faith?

    I’d certainly welcome a rational discussion on the idea of god if you have something more intelligent to say than you believe because you believe because you believe.

    I’m a 53 year old father of 3 with 3 grandchildren. I’ve read the King James version of the bible cover to cover (my review: its a boring scifi/fantasy novel) and have spent my whole life since I was 11 or 12 looki ng for any reason to even entertain the idea that there is a god I should “fear” and “worship”.

    Are you up for a lucid, intelligent, friendly debate?
    defend as I point out the absurdity of what Xtians believe

    • joerie1

      Haven’t forgotten you, Steve. Just that I’m going through chemotherapy right now and a lot of days it’s all I can do to get something up on the blog. I am interested in what you propose, however.

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