DSC_0103Born and raised in the North Carolina piedmont, I amassed more than a few interesting traits, including an excellent (if somewhat dark and snarky) sense of humor, a healthy disrespect for authority and sense of duty toward others. The first two were actively discouraged by authority figures (without success, thankfully), but the third was nurtured and reinforced by my teachers, my church and my parents. One of my favorite quotes comes from Robert E. Lee, who said “Duty is the most sublime word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less.”


My sense of duty led me into 23 years as a firefighter where I saw firsthand that all too many people live poverty in what is the richest country in the world. Three years ago, I decided to follow a dream I’ve had almost as long as I can remember: to be a writer. I retired from the fire department in 2012 and I’m pursuing that dream full-time. My views have been formed by my service, work with non-profit ministries such as Love Wins, years in the church and incessant reading. I want to live in a society based on love where there are no “others” and everyone is included, i.e. the Kingdom of God. This blog is one of my contributions towards bringing that Kingdom to life.

  • Kudos to you for being a firefighter. That is a great profession.

  • Jaosn

    are these two kids from the partner you’ve been with for 20yrs? do you live together? haver you had sex with her?
    your first error is to spread YOUR interpretation of the gospel. scripture is of no private interpretation

    why should anyone listen to you? how pompous.

    • joerie1

      My friend, I said I’d been a firefighter for over 20 years. I’ve been with my girlfriend for 3. I will say my children are from my marriage which broke quite a few years ago. The other questions you raise are personal and I won’t answer them on a public site. As for the interpretation statement, we all interpret scripture personally; it is impossible to do otherwise.
      As for my pompousity, personal bias prevents me from weighing in on that question. I’ll have to let others judge that aspect of my character.

    • Wayne Rumsby

      Love your neighbour Jason. Love.

  • Paul Wilson

    Not only is that good. In some cases it’s a miracle.

  • Amber

    I think this is great, thank you!

  • I am a “trained theologian” and you couldn’t be more right on if you had spent three years and 10’s of thousands of dollars. Thank you

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  • Sara

    Man! I just found your blog (and I don’t even remember how – ADD much?). Each time I come into contact with someone like you I feel like I’ve found a “member of my tribe”. Your story is similar to mine in many ways and I am enjoying reading what you have to say. Keep typing.

  • LeRoy Whitman

    I appreciate the endeavor to advance Kingdom. Having read your post slamming the Body Parts videos, the strategy of guilt-by-association won’t work. The pictures are real.