About Me

Born and raised in the North Carolina Piedmont, I amassed more than a few interesting traits, including an excellent (if somewhat dark and snarky) sense of humor, a healthy disrespect for authority and the inability to know when to shut up. These qualities have gotten me into hot water more than once and probably will again. And, again. And, again.

In 2012, I decided to follow a dream I’ve had almost as long as I can remember: to be a writer. I retired from the fire department in 2012 and I’m pursuing that dream. Then, in early 2017, I took a stand-up comedy class at The Idiot Box, the best local comedy club in Greensboro. That was a mistake, as it turns out that I’m a bit of an attention whore and immediately became addicted to applause and laughter directed my way. If you’re here, that means you’ve seen something that interests you, be it comedy or writing. If you enjoyed it, share it with your friends and come see me when I perform. Internet fame is nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills.